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Sara Falak Latest Photos After The Birth Of Baby Girl

Videos and photos of actress Sara Khan and singer Falak Shabbir’s daughter have surfaced.

Falak Shabbir shared a video and two photos on Instagram, in which his daughter can be seen with Sara Khan.

The singer also wrote a long emotional caption for Sara Khan on the post.

Falak Shabbir said that when it comes to real strength and ability to endure pain, women beat everyone.

“During the 9 months of pregnancy, a woman suffers from a number of ailments, including heartburn, insomnia, back pain and mood swings, and then the stress of life,” she said. She is healthy inside.

Falak added that the pain that a mother feels at birth is like the pain of breaking 20 bones at a time. Can you imagine the pain and love of mothers? Subhan Allah!

“I believe in mothers being superheroes because they can compete with anything in this world,” the singer wrote.

Addressing Sara Khan, Falak wrote that Sara, you are not only the mother of my daughter but also my heartbeat, I promise that I will always love you.

It may be recalled that Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir gave birth to a daughter on October 8, whom they named Aaliya Falak.



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