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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Sara Falak Shabbir Looking Cute in Pink Dress

Leading Pakistani actress Sara Khan says about the habit of giving flowers to her husband, famous singer Falak Shabbir that the day does not pass when Falak Shabir does not give flowers.

The beautiful couple Falak Shabbir and Sara Khan, who tied the knot during the Corona Lockdown last year, have tens of millions of followers on social media who want to know about them and see them together.

Falak Shabbir and Sara Khan’s love made the fan cry. On the social media account Instagram, there are hundreds of videos of Sara Khan taking flowers and Falak Shabbir giving her flowers, which makes every fan long to find a life partner like Falak Shabbir.

What does this habit of Falak Shabbir look like to Sara Khan? Unveiling this secret, Sara Khan has said in an interview that ‘Falak Shabbir gives him only one flower to say, if you look, that flower does not have much value. But it is very important to them, that flower makes them good all day and their mood becomes pleasant.

Sara Khan further says about the flowers received by Falak Shabbir that “the day Falak Shabir is not given to her, she feels that today is a bit incomplete, there is a shortfall in the day.”

Sara Khan says, “This is a way for Falak Shabbir to show his love for him. Falak keeps expressing his love for him in the same way.”



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