Shahid Afridi daughter Ansha’s nikkah pictures

For many days, the news was circulating on social media that the daughter of former Pakistan cricket team captain and all-rounder Shahid Afridi is going to marry Shaheen Shah Afridi. That happy hour has come Shaheen Shah Afridi has arrived in Karachi to pick up Shahid Afridi’s daughter as bride and his nikkah ceremony is being held in Karachi.

Before the end of the last year 2022, Shahid Afridi married his first daughter Aqsa. Shahid Afridi does not share pictures of his daughters and his wife on social media, due to which his wife and children are mostly not seen on social media. The former captain hails from a village in Peshawar and it is a common tradition in his village that he marries his daughters early.

Shahid Afridi has made a name for himself with his magical batting all over the world including in Pakistan. In the world of cricket, he is not called by the name of Shahid but by the name of Boom Boom and he is respected by this name. Shahid Afridi has a very strong temper, that’s why the video of him fighting and abusing the opposing team while playing at the ground has gone viral.

Shahid-Afridi’s-daughter-Ansha and Pakistan cricket team’s fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi’s wedding (nikkah) pictures and videos are rapidly going viral on social media. In the viral pictures, it can be seen that Shahid Afridi’s daughter’s ‘nikkah’ is taking place in a mosque and her close relatives are present on the occasion, while Shaheen Shah Afridi is wearing a sherwani on the occasion.

If you also want to see pictures and videos of the Pakistan cricket team’s fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi and his wife Ansha Afridi’s nikkah, then check out the below!

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