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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Shahzad Roy Splendid Photos With Her Wife And Kids

Shahzaz Roy Tied Knot 12 years ago in 2009 with her cute wife Salma Alam. Both husband and wife living happy life and they also have two beautiful children.

Leading singer and social activist of Pakistan music industry Shehzad Roy has received a unique wedding offer from a social media user.

On micro-blogging site Twitter, Shehzad Roy shared a picture of sweets and green tea with a caption in which he wrote: “Green tea should always be preferred to sweets because the little happiness that could have been found in life is not found.”

While other users made interesting comments on the singer’s tweet, a female user made him a unique marriage proposal.

Reacting to Shehzad Roy’s tweet, a female user named Sana Khan said, “Marry me because I will make you green tea with my blood every day.” Shehzad Rai could not remain silent even though he laughed a lot.

“Please! Don’t say such things or people will start calling me a vampire. “In response to the singer, the female user said,” Now that you have answered me, marry me. ”

Earlier this year, the world-famous singer and actor Ali Zafar was offered marriage by a woman from the Netherlands.

Singer social worker Shehzad Roy has been impressed by the talent of a key seller in a social media proverbial video.

Recognizing this God-given ability, Shehzad Roy also shared a video on Twitter praising the key seller. In the video, the key seller is promoting his product while singing in a very sarcastic manner. In the caption of his tweet, he wrote, “Wow, brother, what’s the matter?” It was fun without eating.

Not only that, Shehzad also asked his Twitter followers if anyone knows where the lock seller is from, to which a user told that his uncle is from Sahiwal. Apart from Shehzad Rai, other social media users. Was also very impressed with this talent and made appreciative comments.

Leading singer and social activist Shehzad Rai has announced a new plan to provide employment to girls with higher education.

Under the scheme, a four-year B.Ed course will be provided free of cost to the students appearing for the entrance examinations. Applications for Ed’s education can be submitted until August 25.



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