Thursday, November 30, 2023

Shahzaib Khanzada Performed Umrah With Lovely Wife

Shahzaib Khanzada Pakistan’s number one news anchor and they have gone to Umrah in Mecca and Medina with his wife Shahzaib Khanzada have shared photos of the places on the Umrah with his wife, his wife’s head has taken a scarf is looking very beautiful.

Pakistan’s leading news anchor Shahrukh Khanzada are also connected the knot with wedding ceremonies and pictures of the henna ceremony has also been released, who were stunned to see.

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Pictures of henna party websites Social networks have also been held yesterday. Khanzada event Shahrukh and his future bride can be seen that the other people involved Kashif Abbasi and Mohammad Junaid from the media.

Social media since the claim and photos continues congratulations from fans and everyone involved to express best wishes to the new couple. Leading anchor these images can be seen Kashif Abbasi who are trying to tell Shahrukh also pointed the finger at a time like “groom it.”

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The social networking site released a few pictures on Instagram and it has been claimed that Mr Khan Shahrukh getting married and photos are taken in henna ceremony.

News anchor Mohammad Junaid has already released the photos to your Instagram account.

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