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Sharmila Faoorqi And Sarwat Gilani Spotted Wearing Same Clothes

Sarwat Gilani and Sharmila Farooqi both spoted wearing same dresses. No one knows the reason behind this but both of them were looking pretty and gorgeous.

Actress Sarwat Gilani has expressed her desire to work with Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan. During the ‘Ask Me Session’ on the social media app Instagram, fans asked Sarwat Gilani many questions about his life.

A fan asked Sarwat Gilani if ​​he has any wish that has not been fulfilled till date and he has been waiting for it for a long time. Sarwat while answering this question from the fan Gilani said that she wants to work with Aamir Khan and wants her wish to be fulfilled. She has also shown the essence of acting in a successful films.

Sarwat Gilani, the infamous actress of Pakistan Showbiz, keeps posting awareness messages on social media on various topics but is often criticized. According to social media reports, Sarwat Gilani recently during a live session on Instagram.

During the Instagram live session, a fan tried to embarrass Sarwat Gilani over an old photo of him kissing her husband actor Fahad Mirza. The actress gave a satisfactory answer to the fans in the best possible way.

The fans asked the actress what was her reaction when the picture of her kissing with her husband was leaked. Sarwat Gilani to this question Instead of getting angry, he lovingly replied to the fans saying that the picture of kissing with her husband should not be leaked.

It should be noted that Sarwat Gilani was criticized on social media in November 2020 when her husband was an actor. Fahad Mirza posted a picture of his wife kissing abroad on Instagram.



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