Sharmila Farooqi Luxurious And Gorgeous House Pictures

Sharmila Farooqi is a prominent Pakistani politician who belongs to the Pakistan People’s Party. Apart from politics, she is very active on social media, which keeps people informed of every big and small event that happens in her life. Sharmila Farooqi is a mother of one son and likes to spend time with her son Hussain. In this article, you are shown some pictures of Sharmila Farooqi’s magnificent palace-like house which you may not have seen before.

Pakistan Peoples Party leader Sharmila Farooqi has spoken in favor of female actors participating in the 5th HUM Style Awards.

“Leave them alone,” he said. “Stop judging women for their choices, they can make their own decisions.”

Sharmila shared a collage of Alisha Shah, Mashal and Amar Khan with a screenshot of actor Bilal Qureshi’s Instagram story. Bilal was one of the first celebrities to express frustration with “disclosure” organizations.

“No one should comment negatively on their choice of clothes, this is a free world,” Sharmila said.

He also supported Bushra Ansari. Let Bushra Ansari dance to her heart’s content. He has every right to do so.
Sharmila advises that those who are spreading negative thinking should look at themselves and let go of their frustration.

After the video of Mahinda’s dance went viral, some people had posted meaningful comments about Bushra Ansari. He thought that the actor, whose sister Simbal Shahid had passed away three months ago, should not have enjoyed himself. He also tried to embarrass the actor’s age by being “happy”

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