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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Showbiz Celebrities Who Have Stronger Relations With God

There is no denying the fact that they are closer to us than our veins, but some people have so much faith in it that it is easy for them to get out of any difficulty. There are stars whose spiritual connection is very strong.

1-Laila Wasti
Laila Wasti is a very gentle and wonderful woman. Her parents also gave a history to this industry. Laila Wasti used to go for US visa every six months for six months to get a green card. On December 25, 2008 She was rushed to a US hospital where she was alone. Her parents and loving husband were in Pakistan and it was not possible for everyone to come. The doctors told Laila that she apparently had only forty-eight hours to live. But Laila says that since childhood my grandmother taught me spirituality. I was a very positive person. So this thought made me thankful that I am alone here but so conscious that I am hearing about my illnes.

2-Maya Khan
Actress and host Maya Khan used to be the heartbeat of many people at one time and whatever show she used to do, people used to get close to her by seeing her enthusiasm in it. There is a spiritual connection that brings me out of the greatest difficulty. I drown, the sea bounces.

3-Kubra Khan
There are a lot of people in the industry who openly say that Kubra is a great man. Kabra says that I saw my mother working very hard and all this settled in me. My relationship with A is very strong and I know that I will always be good.



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