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Showbiz Stars Who Are Poppet To Mothers

In our society, as soon as girls grow up, they try to instill love and feeling of kitchen in their minds, but times are changing and now girls openly express that we don’t want to work in kitchens. do things all over the world but don’t ask me to cook . Showbiz mothers also keep trying hard but some of them failed miserably in instilling this love in their daughters.

Mina Tariq, daughter of Rubina Ashraf

Actress Rubina Ashraf gave her two children a very discriminating, civilized and excellent education but could not make them love kitchen work. Her daughter Mina Tariq is now engaged but she clearly says that Mana Can’t even make tea. To which Mana responds that I don’t even drink tea, so how can I make it … Mina Tariq is very angry with kitchen work and cooking and he says that he should not waste his time in learning all these things.

Zara Noor Abbas, daughter of Asma Abbas

Asma Abbas has a strong love for her daughter Peco i.e. Zara Noor Abbas but because of this love they could not put much pressure on her for kitchen chores. Zara knows how to work but doesn’t like to go to the kitchen. Once upon a time Zara did kitchen work but now she doesn’t like to give her time to the kitchen at all.

Anzala Abbasi, daughter of Jawariya Abbasi

Jawariya Abbasi and her daughter Anzala Abbasi have less mother and daughter and more friends ,but the truth is that Jawariya herself says that Anzala has no interest in household chores , most of her time is spent with her daughter. She goes on to explain that the closet has to be tidied up and the food has to be cooked in addition to the food, because Anzala has no interest in such things and she tries to make sure that nothing like this happens to her. Don’t be in front.



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