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Showbiz Stars who lost parents after marriage

It is certain that if happiness comes,the pain is knocking the door to come.But we should not be sad because everything happens by Allah’s order,never break your hope.There are several showbiz stars that got the joy of marriage but after that they faced off the hill of sorrow.

1-Sadia Imam
Sadia Imam is a pakistani actress and host who is not seen on screens these days as she likes to spend time with her family and husband.
Recently Sadia shared the most toughest part of her life in which she describes the most hard moment of her life.A year after she got married,her mother passed away and she faced the most hardest part of life,at that time sadia was on leave and she further said that I may have smile on my face but deep down My heart was breaking.

2.Aiman Khan
Everyone was concerned about Aiman Khan’s marriage that she is going to get marry at a very young age,but no one had the idea that what was going on in Aiman’s father heart.Her father passed away after a short period of yer marriage.It was his fate that he saw the happiness of her daughter and saw her marriage,but then he did not live long and Aiman expressed her feelings for her father’s demise said that she could never forget the day.Her husband fully supported aiman in her difficult time.

3.Saad Qureshi
For most of you may not know that Saad Qureshi is a Pakistani actor and works for urdu television series of Pakistan.Saad Qureshi started her marriage life in the year 2019 by marrying her childhood best friend Misha Chaudhry.
Saad was very close to his mom and after his marriage her mother passed away,he said that her mother was like a friend to him and they both shared the problems and happiness.Saad was broken after his mother’s demise.

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