Saturday, December 2, 2023

Six Social Media Girls Who Become Stars In No Time

It doesn’t take long for it to go viral on social media, just in case your words, your action, your style, your accent, your sentence, even if only your clothes are liked by people or there is something new in them. In fact, it doesn’t take long for a person to go viral, as you can see, there was nothing special about Dananir, but a video sentence ran away from her people that she has now become a brand ambassador.

One thing to note is that when these girls were not viral, their shapes were nothing special in their style, and then when they started going viral, their faces changed.


The famous Power Girl who got world fame and then a lot of photoshoots, then if you look at them without makeup, they are completely different. It is clear from this that Dananir keeps making videos of different salons and taking treatments so they have changed so much.

Nimra has the art of talking a lot in one breath all the time. Other than that, she has not shown any characteristic so far and you can see how this girl used to look like and what is her style now. It’s also the power of social media and the perfection of free packages from sponsored salons.

3-Kanwal Aftab
Tik Toker Kanwal Aftab who was married to Zulqarnain Haider and is now expected to leave soon. Consider that the power of social media and salon treatments and free packages have completely changed their face.

4-Inveet Kaur
Indian ticker girl Inveet Kaur whose videos are popular all over the world today, sometimes appearing in videos with her brother, was also unique before it went viral but now it has changed completely.

5-Janat Mirza:
Take a closer look at Janat Mirza, who was also criticized by Bushra Ansari. All these girls only consider becoming beautiful after becoming famous so that they can stay in the market.

6-Janat Zubair:
Janat Zubair also used to look different, but now her beauty has taken four months.



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