Super Talented Actress Ainy Jaffray Shares Pictures With Husband

Ainy Jaffri is one of the most talented, beautiful, model, and young actors in the drama industry. Her brilliant acting is famous all over the world.

Ainy Jaffri worked hard day and night before her marriage and showed the essence of acting in many Pakistani dramas. People also liked her acting very much which is why everyone knows Ainy Jaffri today.

Ainy Jaffri is an actor as well as an educated professional girl. She did her Bachelors in Digital Marketing from McGill University and got her degree from there.

Ainy Jaffri was married to Faris Rehman in 2014. After getting married, she has taken a break from the showbiz industry for a few years. And God has blessed the couple with a baby boy in the year 2020.

Famous Pakistani actress Ainy Jaffery shared photos taken with her husband and son.

Beautiful actress Ainy Jaffery, who started her career in 2010, shared beautiful photos with her husband Faris Rehman and son.

In the pictures, the actress is looking at her son with affectionate eyes while in another picture, her son is standing on the beach in the lap of his father Faris Rehman.

In one photo, Ainy Jafri is receiving a bouquet of flowers from her husband, while in another photo, she is standing with her husband and friends.

It is to be noted that the beautiful actress has played important roles in Pakistani films like Shahid Afridi and Balu Mahi. Besides, Ainy has proved her mettle by showing the essence of acting in various dramas of private television.

The actress was married to businessman Faris Rehman in 2014. Faris and Aini also have a son.

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