Tere Bin’s Yumna Zaidi gets trolled about shooting the viral pool scene

Tere Bin is a highly successful Pakistani television series that is currently being aired on Geo TV. It has gained immense popularity not just in Pakistan, but also in other countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, various Middle Eastern countries, and Saudi Arabia. Fan pages dedicated to the show from all over the world are sharing numerous edits and clips of Tere Bin.

One particular video from the show has recently gone viral, showing a scene in which Wahaj Ali leaves Yumna Zaidi’s hand, causing her to fall into a pool. This scene is set to be aired in the upcoming episode of Tere Bin, which is scheduled to air today.

Regarding the widely circulated swimming pool scene from the Tere Bin drama, actress Yumna Zaidi has shared that while the scene was inherently risky, the crew had taken all necessary precautions and had set it up with precision. Despite this, as an actor, she initially had some reservations about performing the scene, and the director and Wahaj were aware of her concerns. They repeatedly asked her if she was comfortable with it, and ultimately Yumna agreed to do the scene.

According to Yumna, “I was aware that this type of scene had never been attempted before in the history of Pakistani dramas, and I was intrigued by the idea of doing it for the benefit of the Pakistani audience, who deserve to see innovative and distinctive content. Although the scene was filmed in a controlled and safe manner, I must admit that my heart was pounding as it was being shot, as the risk of injury was certainly there”.

Please follow the provided link to view the scene that is scheduled to air in today’s episode of Tere Bin.

Yumna Zaidi’s bold decision to present such a unique scene to the audience has been well-received by fans on social media. Viewers have expressed their curiosity and anticipation for the swimming pool scene, and many are eagerly waiting for the episode to air to catch a glimpse of it. Below are some interesting comments from fans of the drama.

If you guys want to see some highlights of Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali’s swimming pool scene then check out the below.

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