Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Veteran Actress Shagufta Ejaz touches ‘son-in-law’s feet’ and requested for forgiveness in her new drama serial, video goes viral

Pakistani dramas are generally watched with great fanfare all over the world and get a lot of love and appreciation from the audience, but can also be very reactionary and ridiculous when they want to be. Another thing that is destroying the story of Pakistani dramas is the repeated use of the same formula to get millions of views.

Quite often we see sisters fighting over a man and this time we are surrounded by families with multiple daughters and their mothers and fathers dying to marry them off. The formula worked in Betiyaan on ARY and now we have Mere Damad on Hum TV starring a versatile actress like Shaughta Ejaz who is portrayed as a great independent professional dying to get rid of her daughters in the drama.

In one scene of the play, Shaughta Ejaz holds the feet of Damad (son-in-law) played by Paras Masroor for her daughter. This is ridiculous, coming from a woman who is a professional in law. This reinforces the mentality in society that parents of daughters only give dowry to their sons-in-law and still hold their feet to keep their daughters happy.

Shaughta Ejaz has already won the hearts of people by showing successful acting in the drama Mushkil and Wabaal in the year 2022. One good thing about Shaughta is that she balances her professional and personal life. She is a mother of four daughters and her eldest daughter got married just a few days ago.

If you also want to watch the scene of Shagufta Ejaz’s drama serial Mere Damad in which she is holding the son-in-law’s feet, then click on the link below.

As soon as this clip of this drama serial went viral on social media, people expressed their thoughts and anger like this.

Do you guys also feel that drama directors and producers record such scenes in order to get a lot of views? Or if this is happening in our society then don’t forget to express your thoughts in the comment box below. Thanks!



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