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Wajahat Rauf Photos With Family And Friends

Director and filmmaker Wajahat Rauf says that actor Fahad Mustafa praises himself in every show.

Wajahat Rauf along with his wife and singer son Asher Wajahat appeared in a private TV show and a question was asked from the show host.

Wajahat Rauf asked the host Agha Ali which actor is the one who praises himself the most in front of the audience?

At Wajahat Rauf’s question, Agha Ali was forced to think for a few seconds and then he said that he had never seen such an actor.

In response to Agha, Wajahat Rauf pointed out to him that the actor praises himself in talk shows and in every interview and also shares things.

On the question of Wajahat Rauf, Agha Ali first mentioned the name of Amir Liaquat and then the name of the host Fahad Mustafa, to which Wajahat Rauf said yes, they are the same and it is exactly like that.

Singer and actor Asher Wajahat has in the past expressed his desire to be like singer Asim Azhar.

Singer Asher Wajahat’s recent interview with his father director and filmmaker Wajahat Rauf on social media is going viral.

In the clip, Wajahat Rauf asked Asher if he wanted to be Atif Aslam.

In response, Asher said that it is wrong because he does not want to be Atif Aslam but Asim Azhar.

Wajahat Rauf was surprised by Asher Wajahat’s reply and said that it was not because of Haniya Aamir.

In his clip, Wajahat addressed Haniya to hear that Haniya is coming to Asher.

It may be recalled that a controversy had erupted recently over actress Haniya Aamir sharing a video with Asher Wajahat. Later, Haniya Aamir was also severely criticized by the fans for which the actress apologized.



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