Sunday, July 7, 2024

Why Everytime Girl Face This Issue Nimra Khan Cry On Instagram

Leading actress of Pakistani showbiz industry Nimra Khan is in the news these days. She had been in hospital for the past few days and was in severe pain due to a stomach infection, but she was discharged and returned home.

Another video of actress Nimra Khan is catching the attention of fans on social media in which she instructed her parents and their daughters to try to learn from their mistakes, not from their own mistakes but from the mistakes and words of others. Also learn.

In a short video message, he emotionally told the parents of the daughters that a divorced daughter is more important and better than a dead one.

Actress Nimra Khan added that parents should encourage their daughters to speak out against atrocities and fight hard.

It may be recalled that during a program, Nimrah Khan refrained from answering a question about his separation. She did not want anything to be said about her marriage.

Although Nimra Khan did not say whether she was divorced or not, a video of her husband Raja Azam went viral on social media two days ago, in which he made it clear that he had divorced Nimrah. Has been divorced.



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