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Alizeh Shah bridal photoshop with Muneeb Butt

Alizeh Shah is the new emerging talent of Pakistan.21 years old Pakistani model and actress Alizeh Shah has got the fame and name that seemed impossible once,The girl did not got fame in only one day,she has worked day and night to get that respect and fame she wants.As everyone …

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Beautiful yumna zaidi won two awards

The global epidemic of Corona also affected the biggest awards show of Pakistani showbiz and the biggest night of the country’s entertainment industry was quite limited, but when you watch this event on TV, you may not feel like it all. Be It was actually Mahira Khan’s night, when he …

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فریحہ جبین کی خوبصورت بیٹی امر خان اتنے جلد شوبز انڈسٹری میں اتنا مقام حاصل کر گئیں

The show business industry in Pakistan has undergone revolutionary changes in the last few years, especially in the Dharma industry. The second and third generation of television artists are also working. Momal Sheikh and Shehzad Sheikh, daughters of renowned actor Javed Sheikh, gained popularity in dramas and films. Similarly, Behrooz …

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Mahnoor Baloch Fascinating Clicks In Saree

Mahnoor Baloch was married in 16 years: Bushra Ansari۔Showbiz industry senior actress Bushra Ansari has revealed that Khobro actress Mahnoor Baloch was married at the age of 16. While participating in a show, the host asked Bushra Ansari about Mahnoor Baloch. Bushra Ansari Replying, he said that he gets very …

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