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Komal Baig wedding pictures with her husband

Wedding pictures of Pakistani famous singer Aima Baig’s sister are going viral on social media platforms. As can be seen in the pictures the lightning of wedding,the arrangement of the stage it looks like they have spent a lot of money on the wedding and celebrated it with great fanfare.

It looks like they have invited only elected people to the wedding to prevent Covid spreading,only few guests were invited to the wedding otherwise only family was seen to attend the wedding.

If we talk about the age of famous Pakistani model and singer and also host Aima Baig’s sister,then she has turned 31 years old in the year 2021. But Komal Baig is not from the ShowBiz industry. There is no mark of Komal baig in drama industry she’s just an ordinary simple person but looks like an actress.

It can be seen in the pictures that both of the sisters love each other very much, There has been reports that Aima baig is going to marry actor Shahbaz Shigri soon.

If we talk about the age of actress Aima baig then she has turned 26 year old in the year 2021 but it seems impossible that how she has gained so much fame and respect in the industry at such a young age.

Famous brands never miss the opportunity to work with her as she has so much followers on her Instagram and social media platforms.

If we talk about the instagram handle of Aima baig then she has a total of 3.6 million followers as you can see below

But in todays article we will see the pics of Aima Baig’s sister Komal Baig wedding pictures which was held recently.Komal Baig’s entry was just lit,the wedding was took to moon when she arrived at her wedding like a princess,looking like a barbie doll wearing her amazing bridal dress

After her pics got fame on social media,people were saying that Komail Baig is the photocopy of Pakistani actress Javeria Saud.

Lets have a look at some other pics of Komal Baig and dont forget to comment down your fav pic of Komal Baig in her bridal dress.Thanks for reading.



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