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Pakistan Famous Tv Host Kiran Naz Family Information

By the way, celebrities are seen on TV, either as hosts or as guests. How do these celebrities live behind the camera? Very few people know this.

In this news of our web we will tell you about famous anchor Kiran Naz, interesting information about his family and daughter.

Karan Naz is currently one of the most famous and beautiful news anchors in Pakistan, who speaks boldly in front of the camera. Kiran Naz is currently associated with Samaa News. Initially, Kiran started her career as a newscaster, but due to her abilities, she moved from the newsroom to the program room.

Karan Naz hails from Punjab and was born on June 15, 1990. Karan Naz received his early education in Punjab but graduated from the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology in Karachi.

Kiran Naz loves her mother very much. She was present with Kiran and her mother in a program in which she said that she tried her best to make her mother wear black clothes like me but her mother-in-law ie my grandmother did not. She was forbidden to wear black, so she still does not wear black.

Kiran loves her parents very much while Kiran loves her brother Farrukh Sheikh very much. Farrukh is ten years younger than her sister Karan. Farrukh says about his sister that I affectionately call her sister Anna, while Anna has given me a quota, just like pepper is crushed with spices, that is why I am now Sharif because of her beating. I’m done.

Farrukh added that if I had an older brother, he might not be as tough as Anna. In one of the programs, Karna Naz said about his brothers that the younger brother had parked the car of his brother-in-law, ie Karan’s husband, that is, the car had met with an accident. While Kiran says that Farrukh has a different relationship with Sami.

Farrukh says that in the beginning Sami Bhai (Karan Naz’s husband) did not make me like this, I thought he was terrorizing me, although he knew that I was not terrified of anyone but Anna. In the beginning I had a lot of problems. Of course, as we talked, now, thank God, they have a very good friendship.

Karan Naz was married to Sami Rehman in 2015. Sami Rehman also belongs to the media industry while he has also served as the Controller Room in Charge at Dawn News. Both Sami and Karan understand each other. That is why Karan Naz once said that if my husband asked permission to remarry, I would not forbid him. Because Allah has allowed man to have 4 marriages.

Karan Naz also has a daughter named Ayesha. On the occasion of Zainab’s case, Kiran had also brought her daughter in a live program. Kiran’s daughter is exactly like Kiran, she also talks like Kiran, and her style is also like Kiran.



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