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ایمن منال اپنے والد کو یاد کرکے جذباتی ہو گئیں

Pakistani actress Aiman Khan has shared an emotional message after her father’s death in which she said that her father will always be alive in our hearts.

Aiman Khan shared three stories on Instagram in which he said that my father Mubeen Khan has passed away, he was a strong man, I pray for all of you.

Ayman Khan’s emotional message on the death of his father. Sharing a photo with his father, Aiman Khan wrote, “You will always live in our hearts, we love you very much.” In another story, Ayman Khan also shared a memorable family photo with his father.

Funeral prayers of Aiman Khan’s father will be offered after Friday prayers today.
Remember that the father of actress Ayman Khan and Minal Khan had passed away few months ago, the news of the death was shared by Muneeb Butt.

Earlier, Minal Khan had said in his Instagram story that please pray for my father, he is very ill. There was no explanation from Manal Khan regarding his father’s illness but only prayers have been requested from the fans.

Leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Ayman Khan has released an emotional message on social media in memory of her late father.

Ayman Khan shared a photo of himself with his twin sister Manal Khan on his verified Instagram account.

In the photo shared on Instagram, Ayman Khan and Manal Khan are on the roof of their house and the two sisters are looking at the sky.

“We are watching you and you are watching us,” Ayman Khan wrote emotionally in the caption of his post.

The actress added a heartfelt emoji to the caption with this emotional message.

A large number of users on this post of Ayman Khan are issuing prayer messages for his late father.

Earlier, Ayman Khan shared on his Instagram account a beautiful photo collage based on two photos made from the actress’ wedding photos.

Sharing the photo collage, Ayman Khan wrote in the caption, “My father is my first love that I will always remember.”

On the other hand, since the death of his father, there has been no message from Manal Khan.

It may be recalled that Mubeen Khan, the father of the actresses (Manal and Ayman), passed away on the last day of 2020, December 31.

In this regard, Khabar Ayman Khan’s husband and actor Muneeb Butt had given to the fans on social media.



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