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صرحااصغر کی اپنے نازک سے شوہر کے ساتھ بہترین تصاویر

Actress Saraha Asghar of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, who tied the knot last year, recounted her first meeting with her husband Omar.

Sarha appeared on a private TV program in which she said that she met her husband Omar at the wedding of a senior sister of her school.

According to Sarha, the first time I met Omar was at a henna ceremony. He was a friend of my senior but there was no discussion with my age even then.

“Four or five months after the event, we sent each other a friend request on Facebook and then our conversation started,” she said.

Sarha Asghar said that when I met Omar, I was doing A level and Omar was a university student at that time.

“Because my father was tall and my mother was short, I was always attracted to tall men,” he said, referring to his age.

“I like people who are caring, respectful and understanding, who can make my relationship last longer,” she said.

KARACHI: Pakistani drama industry actress Saraha Asghar, who tied the knot in the last days of 2020, won the hearts of all by remaining silent on the criticism regarding marriage.

Answering a question from host Nada Yasir on ARY Digital’s Good Morning Pakistan program, Sarha said that her husband was criticized after the marriage.

“We not only saw the criticism but also enjoyed it and kept quiet. We were watching how people make fun of you because on such occasions people get a chance to talk,” he said. Is’.

Nada Yasir said that Sarha Asghar’s husband’s name is Omar and he was educated in business and he works in a good place.

“Fans have a right, but they criticized unjustifiably. They criticized the height and weight of the age, which we didn’t feel bad about, but we enjoyed and were happy to see.”

Nida Yasir said that when I saw the first picture, I was very happy and prayed that you would be happy and smiling for the rest of your life.

It is to be noted that on December 30 last year, actress Srha Asghar of Pakistani drama industry shared her photos on social networking site and photo video sharing platform Instagram and told the fans that they are married.

Earlier, there were speculations about the actress’ marriage and it was also reported that their marriage ceremony was held, but Sarha did not share any photo or confirm or deny it.

After the marriage, Sarha and her husband went abroad for leisure. The actress also shared photos of the tour on the social networking site Instagram.



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