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لاپتہ ڈرامے میں سارہ خان کے ٹھپڑ کی ویڈیو وائرل جس پر شرمیلا فاروقی نے بھی تبصرہ لیا

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader and former Sindh Assembly member Sharmila Farooqi has commented on the post of actor Gohar Rashid on the video clip of the drama serial ‘Lapata’ which went viral on social media and said that oppression is not an option but It is a bitter truth.

In the clip of the drama which went viral on social media, it can be seen that Gohar Rashid, who played the role of husband during the quarrel, slaps his wife (Sarah Khan).

However, unlike in traditional dramas, the woman in this clip, instead of crying over her husband’s beating, first looks at her husband in surprise and then slaps him with the same force.

The video clip is from the 12th episode of the drama serial ‘Lapata’ which has been under discussion on social media since its airing last week.

Actor Mirza Gohar Rashid had also posted an explanatory post on Instagram regarding this viral clip and said that he does not like to watch violence on TV so at least in his roles he has avoided doing so.

“It’s our misfortune, but showing violence on TV has become a normal part of our society, and it’s okay to treat a woman like Daniel did in the ‘Missing’ episode,” she said.

He said that you may find it strange but because of this slapping scene I chose this character to prove that oppression is chosen by man himself.

He said that if a man tries his best on you with his delicate ego, you should do without fear what Falak did, slapping a brave woman and killing this weak man is a big step for the women of our society. Will be.

However, PPP leader Sharmila Farooqi did not like Gohar Rashid’s explanation about the choice of tyranny.

Sharmila Farooqi, commenting on Gohar Rashid’s post, wrote that ‘oppression’ is not a choice but a bitter reality.

“Thousands of women are oppressed every day, not because it is their will, but because it is their obligation, because they cannot retaliate or leave their husbands,” she said.



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