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Mathira The Star Of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Information

Social media is very popular these days, whether it’s memes or controversial programs. In this day and age, everyone is becoming popular on social media.

In this news on our web we will tell you about a person who is a well-known name in showbiz. This is Mathira who is a different person on TV while at home she is a unique person.

Mathira is a personality of Pakistan showbiz industry who is known for her unique and bold style. Mathira has seen a lot of ups and downs in her showbiz journey so far. But today we will give you some information about Mathira which you may not have heard.

Model Mathira, popular on Pakistani social media, was born on February 25, 1992 in Harare, South Africa. Her full name is Mathira Muhammad. Mathira, 29, has another sister, Rose Muhammad. Rose is also involved in the acting and Pakistani showbiz industry, but I wanted Mathira to become a pilot.

Mathira says about her mother that I love her very much, I always inform her wherever I go. I’m sorry I don’t spend much time with my mother, but I eat dinner with her. While she says that there is a bitch in our house, if we keep her happy, my mother will also be happy. She is very fond of animals.

Mathira’s mother says Mathira loved yoga in the beginning, and that’s what she was focusing on. But when they asked me for permission to enter the showbiz industry, I agreed.

In Omar Sharif’s show, his mother said about Mathira that she is a very funny type of girl, she can never be serious. I find it very difficult for this girl to get married.

While the media has to talk about Mathira’s role, Mathira says that my mother knows how I am, my parents support me. About the father, Mathira says that the father and mother were divorced, but I love the father very much, and also the attachment. Mathira also lived in Zimbabwe for some time, as her family is from Zimbabwe.

In Omar Sharif’s show, Mathira said that whoever wants to marry me, he has to keep my mother with him, he has to keep my cat and dog at home. In 2012, Mathira married Punjabi singer Fran Mirza, who lived in Dubai. He also has a son, Ahl Rizvi, but the marriage did not last long and ended in divorce in 2018.

Mathira was shocked to hear about her divorce and her ex-husband. She says that she was very scared of divorce. It seemed to her that the people were saying that divorce would be wrong. But neither I nor he was wrong, but time was wrong.

Regarding the difficult time, Mathira says that the time of losing the pregnancy was very difficult, I still cry remembering that time. “Since my mother raised us with great difficulty, I tried to have children at home. I had severe depression, stress and mental anguish. When I was 4 months pregnant, I lost my pregnancy. There was depression. Regarding her ex-husband, Mathira says she is happy wherever she is.

In a program, Mathira said that I have two sons and both sons are dear to me. To the anchor’s question, Mathira said, “Yes, I have sons and I keep my sons away from social media and media.”

Mathira has also adopted a child whom she loves dearly. Mathira says that I spend a lot of money, I buy such things many times, and then later I wonder why I bought this thing.



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