Sunday, December 24, 2023

Actress Beenish Raja Tied Knots In Islamabad

Popular Pakistani Model and actress Beenish Raja shared wedding photos with her husband and spreads the good news to her spectators. It can be seen in the viral photos that she is standing at the stage of wedding with her husband.

If we discuss about the age of Pakistani model and actress Beenish Raja in the current year, then she has moved 31 years old. And she has won the hearts of the fans by performing her brilliant acting skis in the drama serial Sang-e-Mar Mar.

Beenish Raja tries to be very diligent on her Instagram page so that she can reply the queries asked by her followers instantaneously. And that’s why the number of subscribers on her Instagram are going up day by day.

And she also shares new master plan with her followers through her account. She is cute and attractive thats why people love him ver much.

But in today’s artefact, we will see Pakistani model and actress Beenish Raja has shared her marriage ceremony clicks with her soulmate on social media. As can be seen in the viral pictures, they are both very joyful on their special day.

Do you also enjoy the dramas and modeling photoshoots of Pakistani showbiz star and model Beenish Raja on Television ans YouTube and Facebook with great engrossment? If yes, you will unquestionably tell us in the comments box down. Thanks!



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