Monday, April 15, 2024

Actress Hiba Bukhari Telling About Her Bride

Actress Haba Bukhari, who made a name for herself in the hearts of the people with her lively performance in the drama Ramz-e-Ishq and has often appeared in supporting roles, had not yet formally announced her marriage, but now she wants to ask questions on Instagram Story. In the following post, he has made a big revelation about marriage.

Haba Bukhari said that I am engaged and my groom will come soon, when the time of my marriage is near, someone asked if we know him or if there is no actor Ariz to which he said According to me, my groom is 6 feet tall and he is my heart.

Someone asked if you ever had a fight with them, they said yes, I keep harassing them, then someone asked if you are engaged, then the actor Habaa wrote that Swear One user said, “Tell me, what name will we look like?” On which the actress said that if the look?

Someone said tell me the name now, what a shame. Habiba said tell us the name and we will introduce you to them. Someone asked if your future husband belongs to the industry. The actress avoided saying that she doesn’t know but the fans are thinking that Hiba is engaged to actor Aariz.



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