Sunday, December 24, 2023

Actress Komal Aziz Is On USA Trip Fellows

Actress Komal Aziz, who has acted in dramas like ‘Ishq Be Nam, Basat Dil, Bharosa Pyar Tera, Raz Ulfat and Saheliyaan’, has claimed that she was brought up with two pairs of clothes but today she is a owner of brand of clothes.

Actress Komal Aziz is now on USA trip with fellows. She is wearing unique and stylish dress in many photos. People criticize her for bold dressing.

Responding to questions from fans on Instagram, the actress said that she faced many difficulties in her life, as she grew up in a patriarchal system without the early death of her father and brother.

When asked about her strength by a fan, the actress said that she became strong because of her success despite facing many difficulties and not getting a good education due to poverty.

In response to a question, Komal Aziz Khan said that he is not impressed with any Pakistani actor, as most actors are motivated to make and earn money.

The actress said that she is impressed by humanitarian personalities like Abdul Sattar Edhi and Adib Rizvi, who do charity work without showing off.

Komal Aziz Khan advised the youth to seek education from abroad if they have money and to get better education from domestic universities if they have less money. Try and gain experience by getting a lot of internships.

In response to a question, the actress claimed that she started her business training when she was 15 years old and at the age of just 18 she started investing in gold.

The actress said that she studied business from Pakistan and USA and also read many books written on business and doing business is her biggest passion.

Komal Aziz Khan advised young girls to be financially independent after receiving education and training, after which they should take care of their physical and mental health.

In response to a question, he said that he has a bachelor’s degree in business and economics while his sister is a doctor and he is lucky that his family spent on his education instead of his dowry.

On the question of his height, Komal Aziz Khan revealed that he is 5 feet 5 inches tall and wrong information about his height is available on Google.

In response to a question, the actress said that she had no recommendation to come to the showbiz, she managed to start her career due to her hard work.

In response to another question, Komal Aziz Khan claimed that he was brought up with only two pairs of clothes but today he owns a clothing brand.



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