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Actress Neelo Begum Mother Of Superstar Shan Mother Life Story

There is a relationship between the Pakistani film world and politicians that has been going on since the past.

In this news of our website we will tell you about an incident which got everyone’s attention. On 11th February 1965 an incident took place which attracted everyone in Pakistan including the film world.

In fact, the incident took place between an actress and a politician when an actress intimidated politicians. It so happened that a cultural show was held on February 11 at the Royal Fort in Lahore, hosted by West Pakistan.

The Governor of was Nawab of Kalabagh while the special guest was the Emperor of Iran. Since it was a cultural show, invitations were sent to most of the names in the film world, but there was one He was asked to perform a dance in the program, but he disobeyed the order and flatly denied it. Knocked on the actress’s door with police and pressured her to consent. When the pressure did not subside, the thugs started disrespecting the actress and threatened serious consequences.

On which the actress tried to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills, this news started circulating in the film world, the actress was treated in a hospital in Lahore, there was little hope of survival but maybe she had to live longer, Allah saved her. ۔ But her life had definitely opened the eyes of the film world.

According to a BBC report, writer and director Riaz Shahid was deeply moved by Nelo’s move and offered her marriage, after which on 14 October 1966 Riaz Shahid And Nelo tied the knot. Nelo, a former Christian, converted to Islam by the name of Cynthia Alexander Fernandes. She converted to Islam at the hands of Maulana Ghulam Murshid, the Imam of Badshahi Mosque and was given the Islamic name of Abida Riaz.



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