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Affan Waheed Best Moment’s Of Life

Affan Waheed has been seen working in various dramas in Pakistani channels for a long time but recently he has gained a lot of fame with a drama ‘Do Bol’.

In other words, this drama has proved to be a breakthrough for his career and the number of his fans must have increased a lot.

And on this occasion, the actor spoke for the first time about his personal life, especially the divorce and the resulting depression.

While participating in Samina Pirzada’s digital show, Affan Waheed talked about his career and Zangi and on the success of Do Bol, he said that he is often lost in the reaction of the people.

He added that some people even asked him if this was his first play, which shows how hit the play was. People who don’t watch dramas also saw two words.

When asked by the host about their marriage, he replied, “I am not married, I am divorced.”

He later said that the divorce was a very difficult time for him and during this time he locked himself in a room and screamed loudly.

He said that he was not a person who likes to cry in front of people, but at this stage of his life he was forced to cry in front of his close friends.

Affan Waheed called the time depression and said he could not understand why he was so depressed, and always felt mentally depressed, quitting his job and losing his hair very fast. Began to fall

The actor credited his family, especially his siblings, for getting out of the situation that led him to leave divorce behind and move on with his life, which took him several months.

“When I started to get out of this phase, I felt like someone had added color to my life. It was a really bad divorce,” he said.

When asked if he would love anyone in life now, he said, “I always have this fear in my mind that I won’t feel the same shock as before. The past relationship proved to be very bad for me.”

It should be noted that Affan Waheed had separated from his wife Ayesha Jalali in 2017 and at that time there was no reason for it as the actor had declared it a personal matter.

Leading and talented actress of Pakistan drama industry Rimsha Khan has expressed her desire to marry actor Affan Waheed.

Social media is a platform where with each passing day we get to hear new videos and various revelations of celebrities after which these stars are sometimes criticized and sometimes appreciated by the users.

The video of an interview of actress Rimsha Khan has been going viral on the social networking site Instagram since yesterday in which the host asked the actress an interesting question that made her think. Khan was named after three actors, including Feroz Khan, Affan Waheed and Shehzad Sheikh.

The actress was asked, “Which of these three actors will you kill, marry and date?” Rimsha Khan thoughtfully answered the question by saying, “I will date Feroze Khan while I will kill Shehzad Sheikh,” she said. What is it.

It should be noted that Kahramsha Khan has not only shown her essence in the field of acting but during her short career she has also fulfilled her duties as a model and VJ. She stepped into the world of showbiz in 2016 and has no acting background Despite this, she managed to make a name for herself through her excellent acting.



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