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Aiza Khan Beautiful Clicks With Family Members

Famous actress of Pakistan drama industry Aiza Khan is seen in almost every channel and in every drama nowadays. Their popularity has grown significantly over the past year and a half.

One of the main reasons for the rise in Aiza Khan’s popularity is her innumerable fans while Aiza also treats her fans like a family and tries to give them as much time as possible. Aiza Khan is one of those actresses who go about her professional and private life together.

There are some important and interesting revelations about Aiza Khan, which very few people may know.

Aiza a housewife:
The actress says that she is very proud to be a ‘homemaker’, she enjoys spending time with her family. She said that she celebrates every happiness of her husband Danish Teymour and children.

She also said that she has very few friends who are just like her family, she also enjoys spending time with them, she makes time especially for her friends.

I can’t cry in front of people
The actress says that she cannot cry easily. That’s why they have a hard time making any crying scenes because they can’t cry in front of people.

Aiza Khan said that her day starts at 6 am daily. Since she is also a mother, she gets up early in the morning to make lunch and breakfast for her daughter Hurreen and then goes to school to drop her off on her own.

Aiza has three children
Aiza Khan has two children, a son and a daughter, but the actress says that she has not two but three children, one of whom is Danish Teymour. She loves to do anything for her children and husband.

Aiza’s favorite co-star is Imran Abbas
Aiza Khan has worked with many actors. He says that his favorite actor is Imran Abbas.

The actress said that she did many plays with actor Fahad Mustafa in the beginning of her career. She enjoyed working with Fahad Mustafa but when she did plays with Imran Abbas, she started working more because Imran And there was a good understanding between them. He does not mind working with Imran Abbas again and again.

Aiza’s fridge is always full of apples

Aiza Khan revealed that her fridge is always full of ‘apples’. The reason, she said, is that it is a favorite fruit of the Hurrians and Danesh. The Hurrians ask them to give them an apple for lunch every day.

“Piyary Afzal” proved to be a turning point in her career۔



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