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Akshay Kumar And Other Stars Trolled By Memers

Why did Akshay become ‘Panuti’ and Syrian ‘traitor’ after India’s defeat at the hands of Pakistan?

How is it possible to have a cricket match between India and Pakistan and not be upset or angry over the results?

In the World Cup match held in Dubai yesterday, where Pakistan won a historic victory against India in the World Cup matches, a cell of frustration and anger was seen on Indian social media.

Contrary to popular expectations, the competition turned out to be one-sided, not a fork in the road, and that was probably why social media users in India seemed to be looking for reasons for their team’s defeat. In India, however, cricket is deeply rooted in religion and devotion, and every other citizen is a pundit.

Even before the end of the match, a trend in Hindi appeared on social media with the hashtag ‘Panuti’, while the same trend can be seen in English on Twitter in India today.

Many of you may be unfamiliar with the word ‘Panuti’! This means that there is a person who gets involved in whatever goes wrong. In simple words, you can say ‘bad’. If you want to understand the meaning of this Hindi word in more depth, you can also watch Indian film star Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Panuti’!

Yesterday, Akshay Kumar was in Dubai to watch the match and was accompanied by the home minister’s son, Indian Cricket Board BCCI secretary and Asian Cricket Council president J Shah at the stadium.

As a result, a large number of consumers criticized the two and even did not spare Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the name of ‘Panuti’.

But among all these, there were many customers who were targeted by Indian fast bowler Mohammad Shami. While he was blamed solely for the defeat by angry users, many called him a “traitor” on Instagram.

‘Defeat is hard to digest’
The use of the word ‘Panuti’ is not new in Indian cricket. In previous matches, when Anushka Sharma used to come to the ground to watch Kohli’s match and Kohli could not score well during the match, these same users were seen calling Anushka a ‘ponytail’ for Kohli.

One user posted a picture of Jay Shah and Akshay Kumar watching the match and wrote, “As soon as I saw them, India’s defeat became certain.” Many people posted similar pictures and wrote, Defeat starts here.

One user posted a snapshot of Narendra Modi paddling up with Jay Shah, Akshay Kumar and wrote: “These three are the real pinnacle for India and the T20 World Cup match.”

Many users wrote under the hashtag ‘Panuti’ that ‘India’s first defeat at the hands of Pakistan in the World Cup, thank you Modi ji.’ Thank you Modi. ‘

In fact, in India, the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s supporters give credit to good things by saying ‘Thank you Modi ji’, while their opponents tie their heads to every bad thing and say ‘Thank you Modi’. Yes.

A user named Bin Wasil wrote: “For the first time we lost to Pakistan, because some Panoti went to watch the match for the first time.”

Many people wrote that Akshay Kumar’s citizenship was Canadian instead of Indian. One wrote that “Pakistan’s score is zero at 112 and this person is laughing.”

Anger at Shami
While Indian fast bowler Mohammad Shami was heavily criticized on Instagram and Twitter, many users also came out in support of him.

A user named Parth Punter wrote: ‘After Euro 2020, when England’s black players were targeted, Hurricane Kane told racist fans that they did not need them. Today Muhammad Shami is being abused for losing to Pakistan. It is time for India’s Hindu players to stand up for their Muslim team mates.

Journalist Rana Ayub wrote, “Doubts are being expressed against Syria on the basis of hatred of Islam and its patriotism and its affiliation with the country.” If this is not to promote hatred against the Indian minorities because of the state, then I don’t know what it is. ‘

Salil Tripathi writes: “If Virat Kohli can embrace the Pakistani openers with an open heart (it was a very good attitude, I appreciate it), then he should now stand up for Muhammad Shami, not just his beliefs.” All Indians are equal and will remain equal to show this to those who are poisoned.

They just have to be more discriminating with the help they render toward other people. ”

It should be noted that there is a section in India which seeks to declare Muslims as pro-Pakistan and traitors. Thus, a very popular film has been made in India under the same theme in which Shah Rukh Khan has played the role of a Muslim hockey player who washes the stain of ‘treason’ on his name by becoming the coach of the Indian women’s hockey team.

The name of the film is ‘Chak De India’ and it has become a slogan of winning enthusiasm and passion in India which is occasionally heard in football, hockey and cricket grounds.



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