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Ali Tareen With Appealing Lady Bisma Ahmad

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s confidante Khas Jahangir Tareen left for Pakistan with his son Ali Tareen after a 10-day stay in London.

Farooq Haider is also in London. After meeting Nawaz Sharif, he will leave for US. But both Jahangir Tareen and Nawaz Sharif denied it.

Jahangir Tareen and his sons are believed to have been busy with medical check-ups and private meetings in London and have not had any political meetings with anyone.

Jahangir Tareen had confirmed that his visit to London was of a very private nature and he had not been able to come to London for a long time due to the lockdown.

He is being treated at a private clinic on Harley Street and has not been able to see a doctor for more than a year due to travel restrictions.

When contacted by Jang and Geo, Jahangir Tareen had said that he had no plans for a political meeting. Muslim League sources also denied any such meeting.

Jahangir Tareen says that I have not parted ways with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and will continue to join, who are the people who have taken me away from Khan Sahib?

After appearing in the Banking Court of Lahore, Jahangir Tareen along with other leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) while talking to media said that they have registered not 1, not 2, 3 FIRs against me. The Commission is conducting an inquiry.

“I have been silent for a year now. My loyalty is being tested. What is going on?” He has seen only Jahangir Tareen in all the sugar mills, my paths have not diverged, what is the blood and sweat for PTI for 10 years, out of 80 sugar mills in the country he has seen only Jahangir Tareen.

Jahangir Tareen asked, “I ask why this retaliation is taking place, what is the reason?” Oppression is on the rise, my son’s account has been frozen, why freeze the account? What’s the use of that? Who is doing all this?

He said that we are seeking justice from PTI, I was a friend, why are you pushing towards enmity, whoever is taking revenge, it is time to expose him, Imran Khan to take revenge. Can expose people, who are the people who have taken me away from Khan Sahib?

A journalist asked that reports are coming that you are going to meet Asif Zardari?

Jahangir Tareen replied that no, there is no such thing, there is no truth in the talk of meeting Asif Zardari, no such meeting is taking place.

He said that the week has passed, so far only action has been taken against Jahangir Tareen. You are so weak that you do not talk in the court but in the media. Why is retaliation taking place?

Jahangir Tareen also said that I have been sitting quietly for a year and this proof of my tolerance is being given, who is doing all this against me? Why is my media trial happening? Is your case so weak that you can’t face it in court, there is no point in slandering me.



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