Sunday, December 24, 2023

Ali Zafar Superlative Photography With Stylish Wife Ayesha Fazli

Leading actor of Pakistan music industry Ali Zafar is the undisputed king of music in Pakistan. Multi-talented star, good actor, good singer, composer and also a good painter.

Ali Zafar is a famous singer of Pakistan. His fans love Ali Zafar immensely, which he often expresses on social media.

But did you know that Ali Zafar and his wife Ayesha Fazli were abducted once? The incident happened to them about 12 years ago in 2008 when Ali and Ayesha were abducted for only six hours. The kidnapper had released him after receiving Rs 2.5 million from his parents.

Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar has told his fans about his new album ‘Hasan’.

Ali Zafar held a question and answer session with his fans on Twitter in which he was asked a number of questions.

Ali Zafar was asked by one of his fans, “Have you thought about releasing the album again?” It’s been a long time since you released your album.

In response to the fan’s question, Ali Zafar said, “Yes, my new album Hassan is coming this year,” but the singer declined to give further details about the album.

On the other hand, a user named Zainab Munir asked the singer what did you learn these days?

In response to a question, Ali Zafar said that he had learned to be patient.

In addition, another user offered marriage to the singer and asked, “Will you marry me?”

In response to the marriage proposal, Ali Zafar says, “Dude, it will be a little difficult, I hope you understand.”



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