Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Anushka Sharma Wonderful Time With Other Indian Players Cricket Families

Anushka Sharma which is wife of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. From last two weeks Anushka hasn’t posted anything on her Instagram account. Many Indian cricket fans are saying there is something wrong between both of them but after investigations Anushka Sharma is present with Indian camp but due to some restrictions she is unable to watch her husband matches.

After India’s defeat in the T20 World Cup, on social media, while users have been openly praising and congratulating the Pakistan cricket team, there are also some users who have shared memes about India’s defeat.

Someone advised Kohli not to panic while someone said that Pakistan will win the World Cup. A fan wrote on social media that 30 years of magic is over. One wrote to Virat Kohli’s wife and actress Anushka Sharma, “You don’t have to scold Kohli today.”

Indian actress Anushka Sharma shared the video on her Instagram account and informed the fans about the reasons for not celebrating her birthday this year.

Actress and Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma’s birthday was on May 1 but she did not celebrate it for personal reasons.

Anushka Sharma has turned 33 this year. On this occasion, Anushka Sharma’s fans and other Bollywood stars also congratulated her a lot.

In a video on her Instagram account on Sunday, Anushka Sharma thanked her fans for their happy birthday and said that her beautiful messages made the birthday special.

But at the same time, he said, it was not appropriate to celebrate a birthday in the midst of all these difficult circumstances and hardships.

“But I saw your special messages and now I have an important message for you. I would like to appeal to all to unite and help their country during this crisis.

Anushka Sharma said that she will fulfill her duty along with Virat Kohli about which she will give details soon.

In a video message, Anushka told her fans that she too could play a role in the soon-to-be-launched campaign.

“Dude, we’re all in it, protect yourself and take care of yourself.”

On Anushka’s birthday on Saturday, her friends and other stars of the film industry also congratulated her on her birthday.

Actress Sonam Kapoor shared an old photo with Anushka and expressed her best wishes.

Sonam likened her co-star to a “new wayfarer” and wished Anushka every day to be full of laughter, joy and love.

Jacqueline Fernandez also congratulated Anushka and shared an old photo with the actress.



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