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Aqib Javed Former Superstar Photos With Farzana Aqib

After losing for the Sixth time in a row in Pakistan Super League Four, Lahore Qalandars are once again under criticism. Some suggest changing the name of the team while some coach Aqib Javed is being criticized.

Lahore Qalandars owner Fawad Rana faces this criticism with patience. He himself is saddened by the defeat but at the same time is working on a plan for the future. This time Urdu News spoke to him in detail about the defeat to know his impressions.

Now the coach of Lahore Qalandar will change?

Fawad Rana told that the coach of Lahore Qalandars is being criticized a lot while the fact is that Aqib Javed was advised to be the coach by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan himself. He says that Imran Khan’s “Gate Aqib Javed” was a very wise advice.

Fawad Rana says that Aqib Javed is a coach who used to sleep at night in the narrow sidewalks of Layyah. The goal is simply to find good cricketers. Aqib Javed drives for hours to reach Gilgit-Baltistan and sometimes he stops at Dera Ghazi Khan.

To a question, Fawad Rana said that the real problem is not the coach. “The thing is, his team has played without a captain. The tournament was going on and we lost captain Mohammad Hafeez and even after that we didn’t get along with many important players.

Suggestion to change the name of the team

Fawad Rana says that people also suggest him to change the name of the team. Maybe they think the name is too heavy or the team doesn’t like it.

Fawad Rana says that there can be no better name than Qalandars. This name is related to Sakhi Lal Shahbaz. Qalandars are now mentioned in Iqbal’s poetry even in the language of Brand McCullum. “The name Qalandars has identified us,” he says. ‘

Fawad Rana says that when he landed back at Lahore airport even after losing, the policemen present there saluted him, which made me ashamed. He says it is all the people’s love for him. When I go to the market, they greet me and kiss my hands. I am very grateful to everyone. ”

Family Pakistan, Hindka advised not to watch the match

Fawad Rana cannot hide his impressions. His passion for cricket is from the beginning. That is why Fawadrana says that his family used to advise him not to watch the match between Pakistan and India because he could not control his emotions. Due to his passion for cricket, he became very popular among the fans.

Fawad Rana is reaching the heights of fame even after defeat. Fawad Rana was emotional while explaining how the slogans of Lahore Zinda Bar were being chanted when he was standing in the National Stadium in Karachi. These are the scenes I saw in Bajaur when I visited Shaheen Shahid Afridi’s house.

“I celebrated August 14 with the people of the former tribal areas,” he said. Now people all over Pakistan love him. ”Despite his popularity, Fawad Rana has no intention of entering politics.

How is the journey of Qalandars different?

Fawad Rana says his journey is very different from others. They are determined to continue this journey of sharing love and happiness through sports.

He says it is now a fact that the Qalandars have come out of the race after the defeat but will continue to pick good players from across the country.

In response to a question, he said that he believes in Players Developer Program instead of Talent Hunt. Lahore Qalandars has included 500,000 children. Mentioning the names of Harris Rauf, Shaheen Afridi, Fakhruzzaman and other players, he said that there is a large number of players at the domestic level who are playing after receiving training from Lahore Qalandars.

Fawad Rana said, “Our journey will continue because we do not want to lose the hope of millions of hearts.



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