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Areeshay Soomro Spend Suspended Time In UAE

Areeshay Soomro is an Pakistani Model and Instagram Star. She is well known for her hot looks and cute smile. She is famous on various social media platforms including Instagram. Areeshay Soomro has earned over 1m followers on Instagram.

Areeshay Soomro was born on 1993 in Karachi, Pakistan in a middle-class family. She was raised in Karachi , Pakistan and completed her education from Karachi, India. She is 27 years old.

The most beautiful feeling for any couple is when they become parents, the feelings are a little different when the little guest comes in their lap. Parents start making lists of children’s names even before birth. They try to keep names short and unique to make it easier to call.

The meanings of the names have a direct effect on the personality, however today we are going to tell you some of the names of the famous talk talk girls and their meanings.

1: Arkia Haq
Arika Haq, the famous ticker of Pakistan, whose fame is not only in Pakistan but also in India, is much loved by the people. Erica is not only a talker but also a famous Instagram user. The name Erica is quite unique and interesting to hear while its meaning is ‘flower’.

2: Noshin
Noshin Syed is another Pakistani ticker who is not known by his real name ie Noshin. Noshin means ‘sweet, sweet, pleasant taste, sweetness and sweetness’ while the name is Persian.

3: Janat
Who would be unfamiliar with Janat Mirza, not only Tik Tak but she has also made an entry in the field of acting from Lollywood movies. The meaning of paradise is evident in the name itself which belongs to ‘Paradise Garden, Khald, Firdous’.

4: Alishba
Undoubtedly, Anjum Tiktoker is the younger sister of Janat Mirza. She is also a model and actress. This name is from Urdu language which means ‘caring, innocent and simple’. This name was not heard much before but now many people give this name to their daughters.

5: Kanawal Aftab
Kanwal Aftab is one of the most followed tick talkers in Pakistan. They are not only a tick tock but also host the event. This name is of Urdu language while Kanwal is a ‘flower name’ while the name also means ‘Nilufer’.

6: Manahil
Manahil Malik is a very famous ticker, this name is short but also quite unique. The name Manahel is an Urdu word which means ‘gate of paradise, gate of paradise’

7: Romaisa
Romaisa Khan, who has millions of followers on Tik Tak and gives beautiful facial expressions, does not need any introduction. People like him a lot because of his professional acting skills. Romessa means ‘bouquet of flowers, beautiful, beautiful’.

8: Reja
Reja Jilani is a very popular personality not only on Tik Tak but also on Instagram. Reja is a short name which means ‘desire, hope’.

9: Hoor
Hoor Muhavia is the most popular ticker in Pakistan. Hur is an Arabic name which means ‘beautiful, elegant’. Beautiful, handsome, heavenly woman.

10: Sahar
The number of followers of Sahar Hayat’s Tick Tuckers is also very high. Sahar is an Arabic name which means ‘morning’.



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