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Arisha Razi Journey From Child Star To A Famous Actress

Arisha Razi completes almost 15 years in showbiz. Arisha was first seen in ads and then she appear in block buster mega serial Mere Pass Pass on humtv back in 2005.

Mere Pass Pass repeated on Humtv in year 2007. Sequel of MPP was released in 2008 and arisha’s younger version was played by Sarwat Gillani. Arisha Razi was the most popular child actor of her time. Arisha Razi started her career in showbiz at the age of 3 and there was no looking back after that.

When she started acting and met Faysal Qureshi on the set of her first drama, she asked him if he recognized her, as she was a famous model! Arisha Razi always had the confidence and skills needed to excel in the field of showbiz. There was a time when she was seen in every ad which starred children.

She has also worked with some of the biggest actors from a really young age. Arisha Razi has grown up to be a beautiful young girl. She is just as driven now as she was before. It was never easy for Arisha to study and pursue her acting career at the same time but she always made sure that she found time for performing. Arisha Razi recently starred in the film Sacch and she intends to work harder and do better in the future.

She loves what she does and is definitely really comfortable in front of the camera. Here are some of the cutest pictures of Arisha Razi from the time she started her career and few pictures from now. Arisha Razi is still as cute today as she was as a baby. Here are some memorable pictures with few iconic actors who enjoyed working with Arisha Razi.



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