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Asad Siddiqui And Zara Noor Abbas Lost Their Newborn Baby, Asad Gets Spoken About The Sad Incident

Zara Noor Abbas is inspering and brave lady. Zara Noor Abbas a few months back shared the news of expecting her first baby. They didn’t share any more details regarding their happiness but now Asad Siddiqui has joind an interview with Fuchsia magazine where he has discussed about the difficult time that they both as a couple faced.

We are so sorry to hear that this couple has lost their baby in sixth month of pregnancy. It goes without saying that this traumatic experience left you emotionally wounded forever.

This incredibly brave and courageous man Asad Siddiqui very impressively and favorably talked about the bad happened. He clarified that it was not actually a miscarriage, it was a delivery at sixth month and he himself buried his baby. In the starting months, Zara got some health issues that lead to this loss.

He talked about the bad impact of this incident that left Zara with great depression and pressure. She had many breakdown moments and being a mother it was really hard for her to come out of this accident. He also asserted that he believes that whatever happens, happens for the best. His belief in Allah just lead him to bear this loss. This couple didn’t make this news public and chose to keep it personal and private.

The host from Fuchsia magazine is such an amazing one that always brings out the most concealed side of her guests. They talk about everything just like they are sitting in their drawing room with their families and letting their hearts out. More power to this beautiful couple who is really becoming an inspiration for all those who are going through this much tough and difficult phase of life. Here’s Asad’s interview clip from Fauhsia magazine



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