Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Asim Azhar blows our feelings with latest track Dard ft Dur e Fishan Saleem

Asim Azhar is continuously making us spellbound with his unbeatable performances and so many lyrical songs. This man is definitely going to have much more in the future. He has come up with a new song named Dard featuring the most stunning and beautiful Dur e Fishan Saleem. Asim Azhar’s voice really has that pain, emotions, and feelings that truly strike your heart and you soon start relating the lyrics with your feelings.

This new song by Asim Azhar is making waves on the internet. The song, its composition, lyrics, and above all its video have made it an awesome number and that would definitely be on the top of our playlist. The video is having so much emotion presenting Asim Azhar as a singer whose professional preferences play a vital role in parting his love away from him.

Dur e Fishan Saleem has literally done justice with the character. She’s looking so graceful in every look. It’s beautifully depicted how you get to lose your love. Asim Azhar is a gem for our industry and he’s definitely going to make all of us feel proud.

People are going crazy for this song and are of the view that this song is going to have millions of views. Asim Azhar has the most beautiful voice, his emotions are truly reflected in his voice. We are sharing this outstanding video with you all.

Check out this video and we are sure you guys are gonna replay it.

How did you guys find this song? What are your thoughts? Do share your feedback in the comments section below. Thanks!



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