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Ayesha Akram Saying Sorry To All Nation

The Minar Pakistan case was slowly unraveled, after which the truth and reality turned to Ayesha Akram and her partner Rambo.

On August 14 this year, Ayesha Akram was subjected to horrific acts and violence, after which she remained in the news for several days. Later in the day, new developments kept coming to light. Three days after the incident, anchorperson Akbarul Hassan and reporter Yasir Shami also reached out to Ayesha Akram to interview and encourage her.

The investigation continued for a few weeks but then suddenly the Ayesha Akram case came to a head. A new twist has come in the case of tuck tucker Ayesha in Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore.

According to the details, during the investigation, the police also found two audio mails from the phone of Ayesha’s friend Rambo, in which they are planning to receive money for the release of the two arrested accused.

According to sources, in the first audio, it can be easily heard that Rambo, Ayesha’s partner, is asking her if there are six or seven culprits. Replying to Rambo, Ayesha said that there are six culprits.

Rambo then says that no matter how much money is taken per criminal, they are more poor. Tick ​​tock Ayesha replies that she has a hard time making five, five lakhs. The two had a 25-second conversation in a telephone call.

In the second audio, Rambo can be heard saying, “I will not play, I will not play, I can’t stand it, I will make everything viral, I will destroy myself and I will kill you too.”

Now another statement of Ayesha Akram has come to light in which she has responded to the allegations leveled against her.

Ayesha Akram has answered all the allegations in her latest interview. Ayesha has asked the police to take stern action against Rambo and his team members who are constantly blackmailing her.

Ayesha said that the whole plan of going to Minar Pakistan on Independence Day was planned by Rambo. Talking about the leaked audiotape, Ayesha said that it is not true, Rambo is just trying to blackmail her.

Ayesha said that her life is in danger, she is receiving threats. He alleged that unknown individuals called him and threatened to kill him if he pursued the case against those involved in the harassment case. Ayesha added that she had also received threatening calls from outside the country when she had named eight suspects in her supplementary statement in the case filed a few days after the harassment incident.



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