Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Ayesha Omar latest stunning photoshoots

Who does not know Ayesha Omar when it comes to drama industry of Pakistan.She has been working in the industry for such a long time now and has gained alot of momentum and fame recently.Ayesha Omar is counted among the excellent performers who can play any role with best performance.

The beauty of this actress is that she does not care about people views on her,tho if she faces criticism on social media for photoshop or something else,recently her photoshop with famous Pakistani Cricketer Shohaib Malik went viral kn social media and it became a troll pist for Ayesha Omar.You can clearly see the pic below.Ayesha Omar maintains her bold dressing tradition without any fuss.

Looking at some of the bold pictures of Ayesha Omar,people are assuming that she wants to promote western culture in Pakistan rather than oriental clothing,and people are also requesting the government to look after this issue as well.

If we talk about the successful projects of Ayesha Omar then a drama named Bulbulay is one of the famous and most loved serial in the history of Pakistan,I am pretty sure that you must have watched this drama once if not then must watch and share your views on it with us.It runs on the channel ARY digital.

If we talk about the social media platforms of Ayesha Omar then she has a total of 4.8 million followers on her instagram and she is always ready to promote famous clothing brands of Pakistan as her wall is full of modelling photoshoots,it seems that brands are crazy to appoint Ayesha Onar for their photoshoot.

But in todays article we will see some pics of famous Pakistani actress and model Ayesha Omar doing some photoshoots for famous clothing brands.It can be seen in the pictures that she is most probably representing the western culture while living in Pakistan.
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