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Ayesha Omer Is Having Rousing Lunch Date With Turtles In Tanzania

Actress Ayesha Omar has said that she is not afraid of animals but of people’s intentions.

According to media reports, Ayesha Omar is spending time in Tanzania these days, in a photo shared by her, she is seen surrounded by turtles. Many people have criticized the actress for being surrounded by turtles in their comments, in response to which Ayesha said that she is not afraid of animals but people and their intentions.

The actress prefers to be close to nature. In her video released on social media a few days ago, she was seen in the water. There were also turtles around her which she was feeding with her own hands. In the video, the actresses are not only feeling scared of turtles, but are also seen loving them while feeding them.

Pakistan’s famous and beautiful actress Ayesha Omar’s video of feeding turtles went viral on social media.

Leading Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar who is very active on social media and occasionally shares her engagements on Instagram and social networking site Twitter.

The beautiful actress is currently in Tanzania, an African country. She shared a video on Instagram. After watching the video, everyone wonders what the famous actress is doing in the water. And while feeding the turtles, the actress is also explaining the benefits of seafood.

Pakistani television and film actress Ayesha Omar is currently in the East African country of Tanzania for a holiday.

Famous actress Ayesha Omar on Saturday shared a video on her Instagram in which she can be seen swimming in the pool.

Interestingly, many turtles are also present in the water with them while swimming.

Ayesha Omar shared the secret of beauty in the live show

She wrote a caption with her Instagram post in which she wrote that she was having lunch with these beautiful animals.

I mentioned that seaweed which is low in calories and which is the best source of vitamins and minerals.

In her message, Ayesha Omar also thanked the video maker.

Ayesha had earlier shared some of her photos taken on the occasion of sunset.



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