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Ayeza Khan Old Photos When She Was Not Part Of Showbiz Industry

Actor Imran Abbas and actress Ayeza Khan, the most popular on-screen duo of Pakistani drama industry, will be seen together again in a new project.

Imran Abbas shared a video about his upcoming project on the photo and video app Instagram in which he is seen wearing a maroon T-shirt. Actress Aiza Khan commented on his post that You look better in this look, you should look the same in my new project. ‘

To which Imran Abbas replied, “I’m just preparing for it.” The conversation between the two actors on social media shows that the two will soon be seen together on screen in a new project. It may be recalled that actor Imran Abbas and actress Aiza Khan last worked together in the drama serial ‘Thoda Sahiq’ aired in 2019, while both the actors have worked together in several hit dramas before.

After 10 million followers on Instagram, Ayeza Khan has become the first most followed actress in Pakistan on Instagram. Share

Ayeza Khan is the first Pakistani actress with 10 million followers

In addition, the actress shares many lovely pictures with her family and shares her love messages which are well liked by her followers. Appear in touch.

Ayeza Khan is the first Pakistani actress with 10 million followers

It may be recalled that Aiman Khan is at the second position in the list of most followed Pakistani actresses on Instagram with 9 million Instagram followers.

Pakistan’s most popular actress Ayeza Khan, who has the most followers on social media, explained the reason for not working in Bollywood.

Ayeza Khan along with her husband and actor Danish Teymour attended a program on a private TV channel where the host asked her why she was not working in Bollywood.

Host Ahsan Khan said, “When I was in India, Sanjay Leela Bhansali talked to me about Aiza Khan asking you to sign this actress for my film.”

Ahsan Khan said, “When I told Sanjay Leela Bhansali that Aiza is married and has children, she said that she would not be able to come here to film without her children.”

Continuing, the host asked Aiza Khan, “Why didn’t you work in Bollywood despite the offer?”

Ayeza Khan said, “I got a call from Indian director Imtiaz Ali and he offered me to work in his film.”

The actress said, “The script of Imtiaz Ali’s film was exactly as I wanted and he told me to show the script to Danish first and if he agrees, let me know.”

“When I asked Danish about the film, he told me that I would not interfere in your work. You have always made the right decisions in your career, so this decision is yours,” he said.

Ayeza Khan said, “I refused to do the film because I want to do the film first in Pakistan and then in another country.”

The actress added, “If I do a film in India, I will look at the script first because I don’t want to do a film that goes against my limits or embarrasses me.”



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