Thursday, December 28, 2023

Babar Ali Attended Marrige Ceremony In Lahore

Babar Ali best Superstar from Pakistan 90’s movies now he is performing negative roles in drama industry. He attended marrige in Lahore bride is close to him but didn’t tell her name because he thinks he don’t want spread this news on social media.

Talking about the ups and downs of his life, Babar Ali, a well-known actor of Pakistani film industry, said that his journey from heaven to earth consisted of only one night and he cried a lot at that time.

Leading actor Babar Ali attended and told about his life. Babar Ali said that during the height of his career, during the shooting of a movie, he fell from a height of 100 feet and broke his leg. He said that the accident was the cause of his downfall.

During the shooting of the film in which he had an accident, he was expelled not only from the film but also from all the films. Were and were working for them, the day after the accident they were taken out of all the movies.

He cried a lot at that time but he was dependent on the prayers of his parents after God. He said that at that time Syed Noor supported him a lot and came up with a project in which he had to play the role of a villain.

Babar Ali said that until a few days ago, the heroines of which he was the hero and he was recording songs with them, now he has become their villain but he did not let the frustration overpower him. He said that health The two films in which he became a villain after Yabi are still the most successful films of Pakistani film industry.



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