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Babar Will Pay From Match Fee For Bismillah Amjad Treatment Says Babar’s Father

Treat injured female cricketer with Babar Azam’s match fee. Babar Azam’s father made a big announcement

Get Bismillah treated with Babar’s match fee, Babar Azam’s father appealed to the PCB for treatment for female cricketer Bismillah.

According to details, Azam Siddiqui, the father of Pakistan national cricket team captain Babar Azam, has appealed for the treatment of national women cricketer Bismillah Amjad, who was injured when she was hit on the head by a ball. Arrange for Bismillah’s treatment immediately and if this is not possible, get him treated with Babar’s match fee.

Addressing Rameez Raja in his post on social media, Babar Azam’s father wrote, “He without any preamble requests PCB chairman Rameez Raja to arrange immediate treatment for our daughter Bismillah Amjad.”

“If this is not possible, then the bill should be paid from Babar’s India match fee because whoever is considered a Pakistani star is helpless for treatment, then it will be written that the nation is helpless,” he said. ۔

The father of national cricket team captain Babar Azam also wrote a poem in the caption:

She also appealed to the social media users not to make any frivolous comments on her post. He vomited blood but so far no significant steps have been taken by the PCB to treat him.

According to reports, after being injured, Bismillah was rushed to a nearby hospital where a bill of Rs 54,000 was made for his treatment, which the board refused to pay. The players started crying and someone else paid their bill After which the PCB faced severe criticism but so far no action has been taken by the PCB to provide any relief to the national player.



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