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Beautiful Pictures of Mehwish Hayat with her mother

Pakistan actress Mehwish Hayat needs no words to introduce,her role in movies has made people go crazy for her.

37 years Meshwish Hayat is a Pakistani film and television actress who is mostly known for her roles in Pakistani movies such as Actor in Law
Which was released in 2016, Punjab Nahi Jaongi which came to cinemas in 2017,Load Wedding in 2018 and Chalawain 2019, she has been acting countinously from 2016 to 2019.
And her movies are always record breaking and ranked among the highest grossing movies of Pakistan.

Comparing the age and fitness of Mehwish,it seems like she is still a teenager with beauty and talent.She dont look like 37 at all.Her face still looks innocent and because of her immense beauty and talent,comparing her age with fitness is no competition at all.

But Mehwish Hayat said that she would no longer work in drama serials or on small screen,because she dont like it.
She is now a big heroine and she wants to work in movies and films.She apologized to her fans who wanted to see her in the drama serials.

Among all the movies of Mehwish Hayat,her movie named “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” is the very famous one and record breaking from all her movies which came to cinemas in 2017 and broke all the records with the famous actor “Humayun Saeed”.

If we talk about the social platforms of Mehwish Hayat,She has 4.4m (approx 45 lacs) followers on Instagram, thats the reason why the clothing brands are always ready to work with her for the promotion of their brand.
She is always seen promoting and working with famous brands i which are in Pakistan.
Mehwish Hayat is a true beauty.

Mehwish Hayat mother is more beautiful and look more younger than her,if you haven’t seem her mother’s pictures, you will surely see them by scrolling down a bit.



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