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Bilal Abass Amazing Pics With Beautiful Sister.

Bilal Abbas Khan is the new emerging talent of Pakistan.Born 4 june 1993,He is the rising kid of pakistan in the showbiz industry because of his acting.He has been nominated in twice in Lux style awards.

Bilal Abbas,who co-starrted his carrier with non other than Gorgeous Sajal Aly in the drama play Rangreza which became the turning point of his life needs no introduction.
His face is very very similar to the King Khan of bollywood Shahrukh Khan thats why many of his fans call him Shahrukh Khan of Pakistan showbiz affectionately.

If we talk about the age of King Khan of lollywood Bilal Abass,then he is currently 28 years old and still single, he is looking for a good girl to marry.

Bilal Abass is currently the highest paid actor in the Pakistan Showbiz industry because people are crazy for his drama’s and serials, it is obvious that any of his drama hits the sky and touch the success within one or two episodes after the drama has released.

The followers of Bilal Abass on instagram has exceeded over 2 million.He is also seen as the model for many clothing brands.

Bilal abbas has a beautiful sister who is competing her so lets check our their pics together with family also.



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