Thursday, April 18, 2024

Burka Avengers Fame Artist Sara Rubab Died In Road Accident

Sara Rubab Wonderful artist and great name behind the scene met and horrified accident and she lost her life. She was a terrific artist and she play a wonderful role top movie Burka Avengers.

Innocent and lovely Sara Rubab, who was doing her job as a lead graphic designer and 2D animator at Unicorn Black (a company owned by singer Haroon Rashid). The Voice of Ashu’s in Burka Avenger voiced the lead character, Tania and Teetoo, who died in a tragic road accident.

Singer Haroon Rashid shared the sad news of Sara’s death with his fans and followers on his official Instagram account. We at Unicorn Black are deeply saddened by the tragic death of our shining young star, Sara Rubab, in a horrific road accident. Sara was a very positive and hard working girl, positive and too much talented. She joined the Unicorn Black team in 2012 as a young voiceover artist.

But after doing her degree in animation and graphic design, she became head of graphic design at UB and worked on a number of projects. Singer added: She was like a little sister to me at UB and a family member to all of us.

We will always feel proud and remembering her big smile and cheerful demeanor, and we are forever indebted to her for her invaluable contribution to UB projects. I am sending many prayers for her family in this tough time. My prayerful wishes can satisfy her parents.

As the bad news went viral on social media, Pakistani celebrities expressed their grief in this way.

In the comment section down, don’t forget to pray for Sara Rubab’s forgiveness. We pray to Allah Almighty to give patience to Sara’s family. Ameen!



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