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Chef Mehboob Photos Collection With Family And Friends

While many other changes have taken place in society thanks to coking channels, one of the most significant changes is the entry of an old field of cooking experts into the field in a new way.

Today, many young people are proudly coming to this field, but there was a time when those who came to this field faced a lot of opposition from the society. One of the most prominent names facing the world for his hobby is Chef Mehboob Khan who traveled on thorny paths to achieve the realization of his dreams.

After enduring problems for 16 years, he finally saw a ray of light. Holding that ray in his hand, he managed to bring the light of success to himself. Born in Karachi on March 6, 1969, Chef Mehboob Khan Mandokhel is equally popular not only in Pakistan but also abroad.

Recently, Hum News arranged an interesting conversation with Chef Mehboob Khan, in which he gave interesting answers to questions related to his personal and professional life, because the seemingly very serious looking Mehboob Khan has a very present answer and a witty personality. Are owners

Childhood and home life

Talking about his passion for cooking, Mehboob Khan told Hum News that I have been fond of delicious food since my childhood, maybe this is what brought me to cooking, besides my father used to cook the best food, my I don’t forget the taste of my father’s cooked fish on my tongue, I can also say that the reason I came here is the taste of my father’s hands.

I made spices at my aunt’s house when I was nine years old. There was no significant reaction from the family to the desire to become a chef, but friends and relatives did criticize. My whole family is involved in the construction industry. When I expressed my intention to become a chef, my relatives told me to work with them, create new projects, but I said that I would not leave the field. My brother did BBA from Australia. Everyone used to give me examples of how quickly he settled down, but I never gave up.

I didn’t have much success in the first 16 years, but I never let frustration get the better of me and kept working. By the way, if I had not become a chef, I would not have been associated with the construction industry, but would have been a doctor and of course a surgeon.

Practical life

“After I matriculated in 1984, I saw an advertisement for an apprenticeship in the Taj Mahal (now Regent Plaza) hotel newspaper. And requested. At that time I was 14 years old so the hoteliers objected so my wish could not be fulfilled, later I entered pre-medical, then after graduation I did diploma in food and beverage and hotel management.

He then did a two-year apprenticeship at the Sheraton Hotel. This was my first and most difficult step after obtaining a professional degree. Later, in addition to hotel management, I also did Italian and French language courses. After the Sheraton Hotel, I worked in PC and then in Awari. I also went to Lahore. Here I set up a hotel called “Oriental Palace” and then came back to Karachi after 5 years. After staying here for some time, I went to Germany and there I also opened a Pakistani restaurant.

Arrival at the media

In response to a question about coming to the media, he told Hum News that 1997 was the year when my life took a turning point and NTM offered to do a cooking show. Did his first show on TM, then worked on some private TV channels for a few years, then brought back the love of spices.

personal life

Referring to his personal life, Mehboob Khan said that his marriage took place in 2001 at the behest of his parents. I have three children, two sons and a daughter. I have perfect mental harmony with my wife. God willing, we have never had big problems. We speak Pashto in our house, at home, both me and my wife cook. Are My wife also has a lot of taste in her hands, I like every food that my wife cooks especially for me. In addition to eggplant filling, okra meat and salted roast, I like vegetables. I also eat on the streets. I also like icebergs because they are fresh and delicious.

Likes and dislikes

Chef Mehboob Khan, while talking about his likes and dislikes, said that he likes very simple food, he also eats old leftovers, but he also prefers stale food. I love fish so much that I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I rarely eat out because I know the difference between home and hotel meals. Even if I have to go, I go with the children. My friends complain to me that they call me and I don’t go but many friends have stopped calling me out.

I am a very homely type of person, I only go from home to office and from office to office. I like music very much and I also go to the gym. There are also films based on science, fiction and true stories. I love reading books, I currently have over 2500 books, most of which are about cooking. I specialize in Japanese cooking but I hardly get the chance to cook them because the people here.



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