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Dancing Queen Nargis stunning pics with husband

Nargis is famous for her killing performances in Pakistani theatre industry.Nargis is a well known face of Pakistani industry.Nargis has almost worked in more then 105 Pakistani movies.She ruled the film industry like a queen for 25 years,such a big number.

Nargis got very momentum by working in film Choorian,she got a lot of fame and respect.She has also worked in many stage dramas.In the old time,Nargiz used to be the highest paying dancer of that time,she was an brilliant dancer once upon a time.

Pakistan film industry profited very much after Choorian got released.If we talk about more movies of Nargis then here are some.
International luteray,Dushman,Soha jora and Gunda raj are some of the famous hits of Nargis.
She got much fame and respect after these movies.

If we talk about the age of Dancing queen Nargis than she is 47 years old in 2021,Born 1974.

Rani Nargis was once included in a controversy in the year 2003 in which a former police officer Abid Boxer beat her brutally,the reason was that she was refusing to give property papers to him and she was beated up continuously to death.She further added that The person tortured her for several hours,kept her and her family detained for several hours.

Currently Nargis does not live in Pakistan,she has shifted to Canada with her husband Majid but she runs a beauty salon in Pakistan.Nargis and Majid are a very beautiful couple and recently shared some pictures of both of them.Nargis is looking stunning in black dress.Stage dancer Deedar is her sister.Her sister deedar also owns a salon in Pakistan.Both of the sisters are businesswomen.

Nargis has opened a salon in lahore with the name Nargis Hair and beauty salon.The dancing queen has left showbiz in 2019 and she is seen working for charity funds,widows and people who are needy.

Lets have a look at some other pics of nargis with her husband as the duo is looking amazing in the pictures.
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