Monday, April 22, 2024

Facts: Why Hassan Abid Deleted His TikTok Account

Hassan Abid is a brilliant Pakistani TikToker and YouTuber who had Millions of followers. Hassan Abid was famously known for his TikTok transition videos. People used to call him transition king. Hassan Abid was also on YouTube. He has around 254 k Instagram followers and he has just deleted his YouTube and TikTok accounts which had followers in Millions.

Well, the tiktoker left making TikToks and deleted all his account because he has gotten a religious awakening which was not sudden. The social media influencer and model also requested his followers to delete all his videos because he doesn’t want anyone to indulge in the sin because of him and the circulation of his videos will further increase his sins. Hassan Abid wrote a very long note about his spiritual awakening, he told the fans, “This is what really affected my life and guided me to the right path (shared a motivational video). For all of you, as a viewer, this might be sudden but I have been thinking about this for a long time.

This is called Jariyah Gunnah like when ever I die and left all this stuff behind than this will cause increase in my punishment and thats why I am requesting you all to delete all my videos plz. And I hope you guys will understand and learn from all this. This is why I left all social media platforms because I am the reason which make you all hear the songs and also make you sinner by listening to it and which leads to the increase in my sins too. I deleted my accounts with a lot of followers, I regret nothing and will never regret, you should also not be having any problem thats why I am requesting you all to delete all of my videos”



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